Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NTAF and DOT tankers

I haven't done any modelling for some time however I just came across these pix on my PC so I thought  id post them however id like to start modelling again soon.. 
 These tankers are handmade from styrene and brass ..

Monday, November 2, 2009

NSWGR 70 class

this 70 class ive been working on on and off for a few weeks it still needs some cleaning up and refineing,hand rails ,micro train couplers ect..

With this blog i hope to share some ideas ,my layout and techniques that i use for n scale modeling . 90% is scratch built including locomotives,rolling stock and structures and based around a 1960-1990 NSWGR outline. Im relativly new to N Scale (about 12 months experience) but have modeled ho scale in the past. Im also from an Arts and Product design background which is a huge help.
I hope to make posts with photos after each project is compleated about every 2-3 weeks i hope.